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We Give Back  (10% of profits go to charity)


At Raw Integrity Chocolates we believe in fair trade and treatment of all humans and animals.

Which is why we support projects that encourage a better quality of life for those that are disadvantaged or may not have a voice for themselves. You too can help us by donating (see links below).


In June, 2015, we adopted Chocolate the orangutan.

He is 5 years old and lives at the Batu Mbelin Rescue Centre in Northern Sumatra. A monthly fee from our chocolate sales goes towards supporting Chocolate with basic needs such as shelter, food, medicine, as well as rehabilitation to one day hopefully be released back into his true environment - the wilderness of the jungle.

Please see PDF documents attached for more information on Chocolate or go to the website link below if you would like to support this wonderful project.

UPDATE: In June 2016, Chocolate was released back into the wild which was a very exciting time. He no longer needs financial support from us, however we continue to donate monthly to help another orangutan in the same centre, called Gokong.


In November, 2016, we sponsored 2 horses from

Tiger, an ex race horse rescued from slaughter and Mia, an oldie living out her life in peace at the sanctuary.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, in June 2017 Mia passed away. We continue to donate monthly to help a different oldie living at the same sanctuary.

          Tiger                             Mia
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